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The demand for homecare services in Sudbury has hit a record high and healthcare officials say they can't keep up.

The Northeast Community Care Access Centre visits thousands of people at home every day to provide short and long-term care. The services are meant to keep people out of the hospital and in the community, but that's not always the case.

"The resources are not matching what is coming to our door," said Richard Joly, CEO of the Northeast Community Care Access Centre. Each day 6,000 people in Sudbury use CCAC services.

"It's growing and growing every year and the resources are tight," said Joly.

In addition, Health Sciences North refers 1,000 clients to the CCAC every month, which adds to the already stressed system.

Those referrals are meant to move people out of the hospital and into their homes faster, according to chief nursing officer David McNeil.

"So we can take care of the next patient," said McNeil.

Frankie Vitone, senior director of client services for the CCAC, said people are using homecare services for a longer duration.

"We've got an increasing population, especially of our aging population and as clients age, we have an increase in chronic illness," said Vitone. Given the demographics, Vitone said this increased demand is just the beginning and doesn't foresee an end in sight.